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Exposition and Event Management Services

DC Expo - a very selective company with a reputation for managing successful trade shows of all sizes - will manage your entire exhibition from beginning to end. Never again will you have to pay for event show management on a percentage of total income from booths sold, nor pay extra for dozens of unanticipated trade show, event or conference costs.

In fact, we have a proven ability to increase and even double the size of a conference, exhibition, or trade show without doubling the cost of management. Should you raise your rates down the road, you still pay only a flat rate fee per sq. ft. net and your profit margin only gets larger!

So if you're ready to board ship to more cost-effective and profitable exhibition management, let DC Expo send you a customized proposal specific to your next show. You'll find it's the biggest splash you can make with our flat rate fee these days!

Customized Exhibition Management Proposal

Complete all information on this form to receive your Customized Exhibition Management Proposal and we will also send an easy to use CD entitled "Exhibitor Success on the Show Floor" FREE! It includes the Strategic Planning Guide; Marketing, Logistics and Details for Successful Exhibiting; as well as Trade Show Terms and Definitions.

About DC Expositions

DC Expositions, Inc., in its second decade, has managed trade shows, expositions, and conferences in most major cities in the United States. Don Collier, and the DC Expo staff, have managed and worked with over 400 events, conferences and trade shows of all types ranging from small associations to Fortune 500 giants.

The DC Expo philosophy of detailed planning, close personal contact, and proactive trade show and event management is the keystone of a management style that has helped some events double in size. Don Collier, the founder, is active in all aspects of exhibit management and is a mentor and friend to many professionals and novices alike in the trade show industry.


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